Working hand in hand, we achieve optimum results

If we weren’t a team, we would be lost!

It all started

in 1965

And today...

We create innovative solutions so that each client can become a market leader.

And we haven't stopped growing since then. We're now over 400 people!

We’re in 8 countries already! Just take a look at Sarralle Group’s presence worldwide. 

Sarralle: Innovation with values




Adaptation to change




You are a fundamental part and we are going to prove it to you.

These are the benefits of working at Sarralle:


We’re a large company; yet we all know each other. Going out for dinner, sports, plenty of other activities... we’re a team in and out of work.


We believe in you and we want you to grow professionally. Therefore, we provide courses and trainings to have the best talent at all times.

Personal and professional development

We are seeking for great specialists likewise great people. There is a place for you here as well as many opportunities for growth.

Flexible hours

Achieving a balance between your personal and professional life is essential for the well-being of the entire team. And this is rhe priority for us at Sarralle.

Other benefits

You’ll enjoy a pension plan and discounts on car rentals, hotels in the area and travel agencies, for you and your family

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Meet the team

Xabier Sesma

Sales Director Sarralle Rolling Mill

“There are no two projects the same; things are always new and very interesting, so you learn a lot.”

Ion Arregi

Technical Director Sarralle Processing Lines

“Whilst we have a routine, there is no such thing as monotony at Sarralle.”

Marian Lerga

Purchasing Director Sarralle Corporate

“I feel like all the pieces in my professional jigsaw puzzle have come together as one at Sarralle.”

Miren Costas

Design Engineer Sarralle Processing Lines

“If we weren’t a team we would be lost… everything meshes well here.”

Shun Dong

Deputy Project Manager

Sarralle Environment & Energy

“When I was interviewed, I realised there were virtually no barrries among departments, and thought I could learn a lot that way. Now that I have checked it out, I can say it's true.”

All that’s missing is you. Will you join us?

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